The Fair can get quite muddy! Ready... Set... Go! Flying high. Short Course Trucks sure are fun! Crawlers can go anywhere.

Welcome to the Somerset County 4-H R/C Car Club Website!

Please note: Racing Registration cut-off is Sunday prior to the Tuesday race.  If you cannot select the date from the Registration form, it is past the time.  There are no manual write-ins, you must have registered by Sunday 11:59pm!

Please do NOT e-mail asking to be written in unless there was an actual glitch.  Such e-mails will not be responded to.


Wreath Sales are underway! Please make sure to enter them via the website!


Donations Thermometer

2016 Wreath Sales Goal

donation thermometer
donation thermometer
donation thermometer

Club goal is 200+ wreaths. Get selling!



Contact Us Form, pit tips, forum additions/revisions


Coming Soon!

LIPO registration, club photos

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