The Fair can get quite muddy! Ready... Set... Go! Flying high. Short Course Trucks sure are fun! Crawlers can go anywhere.

Welcome to the Somerset County 4-H R/C Car Club Website!

Please note: Racing Registration cut-off is Sunday prior to the Tuesday race.  If you cannot select the date from the Registration form, it is past the time.  There are no manual write-ins, you must have registered by Sunday 11:59pm!

Please do NOT e-mail asking to be written in unless there was an actual glitch.  Such e-mails will not be responded to.


Ad sales fundraiser is almost over, get selling if you haven't!


Donations Thermometer

2013 Ad Sales Goal

$ 5000
donation thermometer
donation thermometer
$ 2901
donation thermometer

Club goal is $5000. Get selling!





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LIPO registration, club photos

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